Wake Acknowledgment Form for Motorized Boat Stickers

Lake Holiday is basically a shallow lake with a substantially mud or silt bottom. Creation of excessive wakes caused by plowing watercraft, watercraft producing a wake in a no-wake area or watercraft employing wake enhancing devices will not only impact the shoreline, but disturb the mud and silt, placing it into suspension and releasing nutrients that contribute to the growth of algae.
Therefore, the Board of Directors adopted the following rule changes
4.27 Damaging / Hazardous Wakes
1. As the speed of a boat is increased, the bow rises, causing the stern to plow through the water. Maintaining this state without transitioning to plane creates the largest wake and has the potential for the most damage. Therefore, plowing for an excessive time is prohibited. Plowing for more than one minute will be considered excessive although a lesser period may qualify under certain circumstances. No boat shall be operated in such a manner as to obstruct the vision of the operator or create an unusually high or hazardous wake.
2. The use of all wake-enhancing devices is prohibited. This includes devices that add weight to a boat including, but not limited to, water or sand filled bags, bladders, pods, sofas, launch pads, fat bladders, locker saks, etc., and the use of wedges, power fins or home made devices. CLASS B VIOLATION

4.29 Tubing, Wake Boarding and Skiing
1. Towlines are to be75 feet or less
2. Watercraft and pulled skiers, wake boards or tubes must be 100 feet away from all other watercraft structures or shorelines.
3. No zigzagging or 360 degree turns of boats pulling tubers.
4. Wake surfing off the wake of a motor is prohibited.
5. Any device that is towed behind a watercraft that is capable of sustained flight is prohibited.
6. Width of towed devices shall not exceed 8 feet. CLASS B VIOLATION
Note: Operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol is prohibited by state law.
In addition to the above, watercraft operators must be familiar with and observe all other LH rules and regulations. Some of these are paraphrased below.

4.07 - No Wake - It is your responsibility to determine if the lake has been posted no wake due to high water or other unsafe conditions. Check the flags at the beaches. You will be held responsible for failing to observe this condition.

4.07.1 - Idle Speed - The area north if Beach 3 is Idle Speed Only at all times.

4.08 - Lake Closing - The lake may be closed to all use under certain unusual conditions. It is your responsibility to check before using the lake if the water is high. Check the beach flags.

4.23 - Night Operation - Boat speed may not exceed five (5) mph between the hours of sunset and sunrise. Watercraft must display proper lights.

4.24 - Traffic Flow - Traffic flow for motorized boats must be in a counter clockwise direction around the lake.

4.26 - Speed Limits - No boat may exceed 35 mph on weekends or holidays between the hours of 10:00am and 6:00pm. Speed shall not exceed 45 mph at all other times.

By typing in your name and the date below and returning it electronically to Lake Holiday you certify I/WE have read the Lake Usage portion of the Lake Holiday Rules and Regulations as well as those printed above and agree we (myself, my spouse and immediate family guests) will abide by them.


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