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Lake Holiday Property Owners Association has several publications concerning the management and requirements of its members. The following publications are what makes up our "Lake Holiday Owners Guide" and are in pdf format. To read the following publications you will need Adobe Reader.


Need a certain form and can't find yours? This page contains all forms that Lake Holiday would be able to fax to you. The following forms (unless noted)
are in pdf format and require adobe reader to view them.

Lake Holiday Building Permit Beach Permit Fence Permit Pool Permit Retaining Wall Shed Permit Shoreline Permit
Membership Questionnaire
Wake Acknowledgment Form Wake Acknowledgment Form
Dock Request Form Dock Request Form
Watercraft Insurance Form Golf Cart
Insurance Form
Change of Address
Requested House Check
Renter Application Packet Designated Rental
(taking property out of rental)
Application For Building Permit
(2 Year Agreement / Performance Bond)
Variance Request Packet
Variance Appeal Request Form
Pavilion Rental Lodge Rental Agreement Lodge Rental Instructions 2020 Lake Holiday News Deadlines 2020 Lake Holiday News Advertising Rates Classified Ad Form for the Lake Holiday News .