General Information About Lake Holiday

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Lake Holiday is set on 1500 acres with a 328 acre lake; there is 8.1 miles of shoreline. Average depth of the lake is 9 ft. with 4 ft. depth at the North end and 15 ft. depth at the Dam: Greatest length of the lake is 2.35 miles: The lake has an interesting shape with 12 picturesque coves.
Lake Holiday has 3 beaches, 2 for swimming and 1 for boat launching only.

Lake Holiday is a private community. It is administrated by a 7 member elected board of the Lake Holiday Property Owners Association (LHPOA). The Association owns the lake, roads, lodge, and common areas. It has a General Manager, Property Manager, Maintenance and Office Staff, and a Private Security Force. The security force enforces Lake Holiday Rules, and police matters are handled by LaSalle County.

The Lake Holiday Property Owners Association, Inc is a not-for-profit tax status located in unincorporated Somonauk and Sandwich, Illinois.
All property owners are members of the Association and pay annual dues. The association exists entirely on dues and other miscellaneous revenues. It does not receive funding from any outside source such as taxes or grants.

All property in Lake Holiday is residential, single family home. All purchasers of any lot must be approved for membership by the Board of Directors before a sale can be completed.

Lake Holiday is not in the business to sell property. The association's main purpose is to provide services for the property owners. Since Lake Holiday does not allow "For Sale" signs, lists of properties for sale can be obtained from area realtors. LHPOA does not recommend realtors.

Association dues run from March 1 to February 28.

All Board Meetings and Work Sessions are open to all property owners in good standing.

To use any of the amenities and services you must be a property owner.