LHPS House Check

Security will check your residence once per shift (three times in a 24 hour period) until your return date. We walk around the residential structures of your property to notice if anything is out of place or damaged.
Security does not physically check doors, door locks, windows, docks, gate and fence locks, garage doors, alarm systems, watercrafts or vehicles. We do not check pets or animals. LHPS staff will walk the perimeter of your property during daylight and darkness hours while you are away.
If for any reason that you would stop by your property while this house check is in effect you need to let security know when coming and leaving.
Lot to be checked
Departure Date
Return Date
Will lights be left on? Yes No
Will vehicles be kept in driveway? Yes No
Have keys been left with anyone? Yes No
If so,
Phone Number
In case of an emergency, do you wish to be contacted? Yes No
Contact Phone Number: Home or Cell
New Address (if leaving for the winter)
By typing in your name and the date below and returning it electronically to Lake Holiday you request a security check be made of your premises and agree to notify security when you return.

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